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Katharina Maly


I was born in 1983 in Vienna, studied Political Science as well as Translation Studies (for Spanish and Russian), and received my diploma degrees from the University of Vienna in 2008 and 2009. During my studies I worked as a language trainer, was part of the Student’s Union in the field of feminist politics for some time, and did internships in organisations like LEFÖ. My academic field of interest is currently located somewhere between feminist and postcolonial philosophy, queer studies, epistemology and translation studies. My most recent publication is »Verharren in der Spannung: Intersektionalität und Kategorie« (in: Gender Initiativkolleg (Hg.) Gewalt und Handlungsmacht. Queer_Feministische Perspektiven, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt a.M., 2012).

Based on a critical engagement with postmarxist hegemony theory (Laclau/Mouffe; Laclau), in my dissertation I focus on the double bind of articulation and how it is »played« (Spivak) in feminist, intersectional and queer feminist approaches, emphasizing Antke Engels concepts of disarticulation, paradoxes and »Tender Tensions« on the one hand side, and Maria Lugones’ understanding of multivocality and multilogic on the other.


Teaching experience:

winter term 2014: LK »Utopie« (together with Anna Petran)

summer term 2013: LK »Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte« (together with Anna Petran)

summer term 2012: SE »Feministische Perspektiven auf Krieg und Militarisierung« (together with Louise Thiel)  

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