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Frequently Asked Questions - and their answers

1. The number of characters for all papers that have to be submitted for an application is understood to include blanks. All papers have to be submitted either in German or English.


2. The decision on who will be invited to a hearing will be made in the middle of November 2009. The hearings will presumably take place at the University of Vienna beginning with the second half of November 2009. The hearings will be held in English and German (if possible). Please tell us in your application if and when you are tied up in November and December, respectively when such a hearing (or a video-conference) would be possible for you. (Full compensation for your travel and accommodation costs will most likely not be feasible.)


3. A decision and notification on the assignment of a fellowship will presumably occur by the end of December 2009.


4. The fellowship at the Doctorate Program necessitates an enrolment at the University of Vienna as well as a dissertation with one of the Faculty members or in one of the disciplines represented by the faculty. A chance of discipline from MA/diploma to dissertation is possible.


5. The participating Departments and Faculties have diverse conditions for doctorate studies. A coordination of the GIK-schedule with the respective conditions of doctorate studies will takes place after enrolment.


6. The fellowship at the GIK requires attendance in Vienna/at the University of Vienna. A work place will be provided. A stay abroad of one term is asked for.


7. A dissertation at the GIK is a „full time job“. The fellowship will be assigned as an employment contract for 20 hours per week. Alongside the fellowship an additional occupation of not more than 20 hours per week is legally admissible. However, writing a dissertation within three years requires a vast temporal commitment. An additional occupation will by all means be no excuse for the omission of mandatory courses and events of the GIK.

8. The Thesis can be written in German or English.

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